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All the programs offered by the SSM in the United Arabic Emirates are accredited by the Higher Council for Higher Education Accreditation through the IACBE. Several of the graduate and post graduate programs have been formally recognised by international professional organisations. For a number of programs, this recognition provides advanced entry to, or partial exemptions from, the organisations’ professional accreditation schemes as well as the option to apply for membership status of the respective organisations.

Director’s welcome

The United Arab Emirates is home to over 200 nationalities. Economic growth and prosperity in the UAE has resulted in the recruitment and placement of large numbers of expatriate. And with 80% of population being foreign born, the country is often considered an expat’s paradise.

The opportunity of settling down in the UAE is certainly an exciting prospect for most expats. However, it might also seem like a leap into the unknown. A study revealed that finding and keeping a job is a key concern. Another concern is the high cost of living. Employees then need to regularly evaluate their income and the cost of living to make sound decisions about their life and their career.

Learners University College, the local partner of SSM in the United Arab Emirates and the G.C.C.—was established with a motto, “LEARN ACHIEVE SUCCEED”. Our mission is to take education out of the classroom and out of the hands of traditional institutions. We aspire to provide working professionals the right platform to acquire new competencies and use it to differentiate themselves and get recognized in the job market.

Needless to say, salary is important in the most basic sense. And without any doubt, competition remains a major challenge for jobseekers. This means that the candidate has to put in the extra effort to truly be on top of the pile. It’s competitive out there, and the more education you have, the better your career opportunities and choices are.

Continuing education ensures you continue to be competent in your profession too. It is an on-going process and continues throughout a professional’s career. The credential can make you more marketable or attractive to employers. As a candidate with higher education, you pack more knowledge and expertise; hence equipping yourself to be a step ahead.

“Opportunities don’t find you. You find them”

I welcome you to open every door of opportunity with SSM

Rejin Rajan

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